How We Do It

Our Approach To Inbound

The basics of Inbound marketing:

Provide solutions to problems without being interruptive.

01. Awareness Stage

Your original awareness that you are in need of a specific product or service.

02. Consideration Stage

The consideration of which product or service is best for you.

03. Decision Stage

The final decision on the product or service you were considering for your need.

Proven Success

The Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey is the decision-making process broken down into three simple steps: (1) Awareness Stage; (2) Consideration Stage; (3) Decision Stage.

Similarly, possible volunteers and/or donors go through this process before they decide to begin their journey of getting involved with a cause.

Cause Marketing

Our Inbound Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

01. Discovery

The best way to get your organization known is through Content Strategy. This is learning to strategically send out information about your products or solutions through specific media vehicles that can introduce others to what you do on a larger platform and inspire them to take action.

02. Impact

Now that your organization has been discovered, it is time to show the huge impact your products or solutions have made and continue to make. This is done by retargeting those that have been to your website with impactful stories, scorecards, surveys, video, and more.

03. Connect

By now, people know what your organization is all about and see the impact it is making. This a great opportunity for a CTA (call-to-action). Now is the time to ask if THEY would like to take action based on the ads they’ve seen, the content they read, a survey they took, or video they watched.

03. Cultivate

All organizations know how important it is to retain their relationships and we are sure you have a program or department for cultivating relationships. Having a digital campaign using marketing automation can be a huge help in keeping those relationships by making them feel valued.


What We Do Best



To get where we’re going, we need to understand where we’ve been.

Persona Development

Successful campaigns rely on understanding your ideal audience.

Growth Driven Design

Build an optimized website based on real user data, not assumptions.


Content Strategy

Creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to attract your audience.

Marketing Automation

Top of Mind awareness for your brand and data management through automation.

Organic SEO

Building trust and relevance through onsite optimization and offsite strategies.

Technology Integrations

Combining best in class technologies to streamline relationships and opportunities.

Analytics & Reporting

Understand how your marketing and branding are performing with real data.

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