Covid Relief Organic SEO


Be Seen First

People are researching more than ever before taking action. A strong organic presence gives your organization the best chance to be found first while they are researching for products and solutions.

Improve Your Rankings

There are literally tens of thousands of searches on Google every second. Around 84% of those searches have users who are skipping ads and heading straight to organic results first.

Increase Your Traffic

Simply put, by increasing your rankings, you increase your traffic potential. Which turns into greater lead generation. Which leads to more conversions. SEO is a long term strategy for long term goals.

How We Do It


Keyword Optimization

It’s a lot of work to get a keyword to rank, so we execute a highly detailed research process before making recommendations on how to attack your SEO campaign.


Website Optimization

We’ll run a comprehensive audit on your site as it stands today so that we can then execute a full-site cleanup complete with proven SEO strategies in site optimization.


Organization Profile Development

So that all interested parties are aware of your organization and that you’re actively providing products or solutions, we create and maintain up-to-date profiles on trusted directories.


Link Portfolio Development

Tell the story about your organization. We’ll help you do that by creating a dynamic portfolio of links to your website, placing them strategically all over the web on trusted, relevant sites.


Custom Content Creation

Part of our expertise is in the creation of high-quality content, specific to your organization, that will keep your website fresh and at the top of the search rankings.


Ongoing SEO Consultation

You’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager who will get to know you and your organization in order to effectively execute strategic campaigns to achieve your goals.

About Us

The value for us is not in the profits. It’s in the purpose. By putting you, the Nonprofit or Small Business, in a better position, we can all grow together. As a team, we find our value in giving, and by giving, we know that we will see success.

Craig Laughlin Jr
CEO | Co-Founder, The Legacy Theory

ORGANIC SEO for just $50/Hour

We’re not going to promise you the world. We’re simply going to promise you quality work and deliberate efforts. We understand that you want all the keywords ranking on page one immediately. We get it…But with Organic, that’s just not how it works. So unlike some other groups, we aren’t going to promise that we’re going to get all 50+ of your keywords to rank in the first couple of months.

We’re realistic, and instead of diluting our efforts by trying to get work done on every single keyword, we’re going to be highly focused on a set number of keywords based on the hours we have to work with each month. We’ll spend more high-quality time and effort on those keywords before moving on to other keywords. In this manner, we’ll win.

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