Business Consulting

Identifying Opportunities

With over 30+ years of combined experience in building and leading teams, developing marketing and sales initiatives, working through operational efficiencies – we’ve discovered a process to capitalize on opportunities.

  • Best practices for hiring all-stars and protecting your organization from hiring the wrong fit.
  • Build a culture of accountability, self-awareness, and enablement.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvements and operational efficiencies.
  • Improve productivity and realize healthier margins while protecting your team’s work capacity.
  • Develop high-quality marketing initiatives while tying in sales enablement to create a fully integrated ecosystem.

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Staffing Best Practices

Hire slow, Fire Fast. Protect against team vulnerabilities by having the right people working with your organization.

Develop A Culture of Standards

Create an environment where team members and leadership are all working in harmony with each other. Get more out of each day with an inspired work environment.

Marketing and Sales Consulting

Bring your marketing and sales teams together so that your organization can flourish. By streamlining the relationship between these two departments, your organization will soar.

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Fill the gaps in operations. Install proven systems to streamline productivity. Create a culture of accountability and educate on the value of maintaining consistency.

Workshops & Trainings

Schedule a block of hours for coaching or set up specific training for you and your team. The Legacy Theory is here to help you make an impact.

Pricing Models for Every Need

We like to be as flexible as we can when it comes to supporting you and your organization with our consulting solutions.  However, we have come to understand that in order to be productive, there does need to be some level of consistency.

We try to package our consulting hours in blocks of 5, 10, 20, and 40 hours per month.

If you have a very specific project that you’d like to discuss as a “one-off” project instead of a monthly commitment, just let us know. We’re here to help.

We Also Do (a la carte)


Blog Writing Solutions

Position your organization as a thought leader with high-quality blog posts. Our blog writing service includes topic ideation and unlimited revisions.


Business (NAP) Listings

Our NAP (Name, Address, Phone) business listings solution will not only help with visibility, it will also help increase your organic search rankings.


Digital Marketing

SEM: Approach that leverages PAID methods.
SEO: Approach that leverages ORGANIC methods.
Either way, we'll help increase your digital footprint.


Google Ad Grant Management

Take advantage of up to $10,000 each month in Google Ad Grant dollars to help tell your story, recruit volunteers, and secure donations.


Launchpad Solutions

Is your organization just getting started, or are you hamstrung with a tight budget? We've developed a Launchpad solution that is just right for you.


Reputation Management

Increase positive reviews and online reputation. Automate asking for reviews while preventing negative reviews from even making it online.


Sales Enablement

We'll develop a sales enablement strategy that will provide your sales teams with the resources they need to effectively sell your products or solutions.


Website Copy

Not sure what copy should be on each of your website pages? Our writers will create SEO Optimized content that will focus on conversions.


Website Development

Build an optimized website based on real user data and not on assumptions, all the while, staying ahead of evolving market trends.

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