About Us

Digital Marketing with Purpose

We are determined and compelled to tell your story.

A story that will inspire us, and your community.

The value for us is not in the profits. It’s in the purpose. By putting you, the Nonprofit or Small Business, in a better position, we can all grow together. As a team, we find our value in giving, and by giving, we know that we will see success.

Craig Laughlin Jr

CEO | Co-Founder, The Legacy Theory

Our Vision

The Legacy Theory:

Ours is a theory that Nonprofits and Local Businesses sit at the core of our communities.

That our purpose is to support those organizations that support our way of life. That build and strengthen our communities for this and future generations.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide these organizations with the resources they need to continue to do good things. To make an impact. To leave a legacy.

We do this by providing consulting, marketing and payment solutions that help these organizations better tell their story. Generate more awareness. Engage volunteers. Increase donations.

This is our purpose. This is our why.

Will you join us?


Nonprofit Partners


Local Businesses

While our primary focus is on supporting Nonprofits, we would like to be clear that we have always, and will always, support the local businesses that play their part in making our communities special.

All Heart

What We Do.

We understand that when given resources, there is a lot of pressure to put those resources to work in the right way so that they can deliver the most value.

We are here to help you navigate that process.

First, we take a deep dive into your organization. We get to know who you are and discover the heart and passion behind your cause.

Once we understand those details, we develop a well thought out strategy to help you reach more advocates for your cause, more donors, more volunteers, but more importantly, more of those you intend to support with the solutions your organization offers the community.

And if you’re a local business; new customers.

We use our proven approach (discover, impact, connect, cultivate) to move strangers down a path by first discovering who you are, down to becoming an extended part of your team.

We do this by leveraging our expertise in content strategy, data analysis, marketing automation, targeting strategy, and web development.

We’re here to let you know that we see you. We see the good that you do and we want you to succeed. We know that we have the knowledge and the expertise to help you attain your goals, execute your vision, and fulfill your purpose.

By utilizing The Legacy Theory as your primary digital resource, we’ll be able to help you realize more time in your day to finally be able to focus on matters that are crucial to you and the success of your organization.

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