Common Problems You May Have with Ad Grants

Perfect for Nonprofits like yours, the Google Ad Grant helps you market your organization online with Google ads. With a Google Grant, you could have up to $10,000 in monthly AdWords credit, allowing you to create text ads to reach out to more potential donors. Getting and using the grant, however, is not always easy. Learn about three of the most common problems so you can work to avoid them.

Using the Wrong Keywords

The right keywords are crucial. You want to choose keywords that are going to help you reach out to as many potential donors as possible. This means you can’t just choose the first few keywords you think of. What if potential donors think of something else entirely? Take some time to do keyword research to make sure you choose keywords that are going to be as effective as possible so your ads will reach more potential donors. When you work with a specialist, you can get the help you need to determine which keywords are going to be the most effective for your Nonprofit.

Failing to Consider What Happens After a Donor Clicks Your Ad

It’s not enough just to create ads. They need to link to your website, so you’ll need to have landing pages for your ads. Landing pages are the pages a potential donor will first see when they reach your website. You want these pages to be informative so they know what your Nonprofit is about and you want them to encourage the visitor to learn more about your Nonprofit or to consider donating right away. One of our strategists can help you create a strategy to ensure you’re not only reaching out to more donors but that they’re visiting a landing page that’s going to encourage them to donate.

Not Planning or Checking Analytics

Ads cannot just be set and then forgotten about. In fact, if you don’t make any changes to your ads at least once every 90 days, your grant could be suspended until you log in and contact Google again. Keep an eye on your ads to make sure you’re getting the most out of your grant and using the money to do as much as possible. Check the analytics for your ads regularly to see how your ads could be improved or to find keywords to adjust so you can continue to reach more potential donors. A strategist can help you keep an eye on the analytics and help you decipher them so you know what to adjust and when.

If you’re thinking about applying for a Google Ad Grant, make sure you get the right help to ensure your ads are as effective as possible. Download our eBook or contact us to learn more about how we can help you with the Google Ad Grant and why it’s a good idea to seek specialized assistance to create and manage your ads. We’ll help you reach out to more potential donors so your Nonprofit can thrive.

Attract Donors and Volunteers with Google Ad Grants

When you rely on donations and volunteers, you need to make sure you can reach out to new people for help. As your Nonprofit grows, you’ll want to check out the Google Ad Grant to be able to reach out to many more donors and volunteers who may be interested in your cause. View the information here or sign up with Google Ad Grant with us today to start reaching out right away.

Reach More People

The Google Ad Grant makes it possible for your Nonprofit to start running ads in and, show up in, Google search results. All grant ads are text-based and keyword-targeted. Once you have the ads set up, they’ll be displayed in the search results right below the ads from paying advertisers, which means they’re in the best spot for potential donors and volunteers to spot them.

With the Google Ad Grant, you might be able to have up to $10,000 a month in ads appear in the search results for your keywords, helping you reach out to as many new people as possible. You’ll be able to tell all of them about your cause and encourage them to donate or volunteer with you. The grant makes it possible for you to reach out to those who are looking for a Nonprofit to help, but who haven’t heard of your Nonprofit yet.

Choose the Right Keywords

Since the ads are keyword-targeted, you’ll need to choose the right keywords. This is not something that should be done lightly as you’ll want to make sure the keywords are going to help you reach a whole lot of potential donors and volunteers. By taking the time to do a little bit of keyword research, you can launch your ad campaign and start encouraging many more new people to stop by your website and learn about your cause.

Keep Track of Your Ads and Their Effectiveness

As you use the Google Ad Grant, it’s important to make sure you’re updating your keywords and ads regularly. You want them to be effective to make sure you attract as many people as possible to your cause. Google Analytics makes it easy for you to track your ads and see just how effective they are. From there, you can adjust them to make them more effective and track your changes to ensure the changes are optimizing your campaigns.

The Google Ad Grant is an amazing opportunity for Nonprofits like yours, but you’ll want to use it properly to ensure you can attract as many potential donors and volunteers as you can for your cause. We can partner with you and work alongside you to help make sure the ad grant is put to work for you and is going to be a successful campaign. Check out our Google Ad Grant eBook today or contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve success.

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