How to Create Needs Assessment Questions When Starting New Initiatives

Your nonprofit exists to serve a need, but how do you take action to address the needs of your community?

You need to be asking the right questions to get the right answers. A needs assessment will help you determine expressed or implied needs by collecting useful information.

Read on to learn about the type of needs assessment questions you need to be asking to make the changes you desire in your community.

How Do You Write a Needs Assessment?

Performing an organizational needs assessment involves examining the mission or target of your brand. You can do this by demonstrating why your organization is needed.

  1. Describe and quantify the need.
  2. Identify who already addresses the need.
  3. Determine who you serve.

Essentially, when forming needs assessment questions, your new initiative needs to align with your organization’s mission. After considering these aspects, you need to consider a few resources with which to take action.


When brainstorming for your needs assessment questions, you need to define key players and issues. You should map community resources to help you determine actionable project ideas.

After you have determined a few possible sources of need, you should select a focused idea and prioritize smaller steps to make it happen.


One of the steps you can take after brainstorming to help evaluate your needs assessment questions is through a survey. Your survey should ascertain the greatest concerns of the need your organization or nonprofit can resolve.

Your survey can be open-ended, with diverse or representative sample sizes. You can also include a ranking system to help in focusing on the most important needs.


Your organization or nonprofit could host a community forum in lieu of, or in addition to a survey, to help find the right needs assessment questions to ask. Face to face conversations with persons in need can help narrow the issues which need to be addressed.

Your forum could use votes to emphasize certain needs over others. Depending on how votes or tallies breakdown, a re-vote could occur.

Needs Assessment Questions Write Themselves

Your organization or nonprofit exists to do good things for your community. Ultimately, the needs of the people you serve will naturally emerge, but your responsibility revolves around honing in on the needs assessment questions that best address the most important problems.

After gathering information from multiple sources, you should be consistent with the questions you ask. Make sure you choose the best method for collecting data. Knowing your audience will help you in with accurate data collection.

Avoid rushing into a solution, even after you have formulated a needs assessment. Your organization or nonprofit’s mission is to solve problems and help address needs for people who may be unable to help themselves. 

Consider turning to a professional organization like The Legacy Theory, who is compelled to tell your brand’s story. Be sure to get in touch with us today to help you take action for your organization.

5 Easy Ways to Plug Into Your Community

Business owners and Nonprofits routinely look for new and innovative ways to get their names in front of the community. However, it’s also important to take advantage of the many established ways to plug into your community. While making a big splash is always nice, many residents will be more appreciative of long-term commitments to the well-being of the community. Here are five excellent strategies to help while, at the same time, getting your name out there.

  1. Support Local Events

Every community has celebrations, concerts, and other events where volunteer support is a must to keep the events alive. By actively supporting those types of events, businesses and Nonprofits demonstrate their commitment to the community and will likely receive accolades from the event organizers and those benefiting from the events.

  1. Help Needy Area Homeowners

Many Nonprofits and businesses have explored the needs of area residents and come up with great ways to help. Painting homes for elderly residents, rebuilding steps and porches, and even replacing roofs are common ways to provide much-needed help for area residents. Other people always take notice when organizations lend a helping hand. Talk to community members and other organizations to identify local needs and develop ways to address those needs.

  1. Take Care of Food Needs

While food banks and other groups try to meet the food needs of area residents, they can’t accomplish their objectives without support. Volunteers are always needed, but donations of food are also needed to keep a food support system operating. Whether it’s supply or distribution, there are always ways Nonprofits and businesses can help.

  1. Provide Transportation

Most communities have some sort of transportation support available, but it often fails to meet the needs of some residents. Elderly people, for example, frequently need rides to appointments or stores. Find out where existing transportation support efforts are lacking and fill the void. Of course, a business or Nonprofit can also volunteer to bolster the existing systems when needed.

  1. Be Generous

Thrift shops abound in nearly every community, and they always need quality goods to sell. Since those shops are usually established with specific goals in mind, find one that supports your beliefs and contribute generously. That can mean donating goods, but it also includes volunteering your time. Whether the shop supports homeless veterans, pets, or a local youth center, they can’t function without help.

If a new need has developed in the community, it may also be important to establish a new thrift shop to fund that need. Donate your organizational skills to help a new shop get off the ground and look for ways to continue supporting the cause.

Since every community has different needs, it’s likely your community has other worthy endeavors to support. The important thing is to lend a hand where it will do the most good.

Your business or Nonprofit will certainly get the accolades it deserves but, more importantly, you’ll be helping community members that truly need support.

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