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As a nonprofit, the majority of your time and resources are most likely spent on providing solutions for your cause, leaving no time or energy left for recruiting volunteers or attracting donors.

This is why we came up with a new way to use the inbound methodology specifically for you, the nonprofit.

Each person at some point in their day or life goes through something called a Buyer’s Journey.

This is your decision-making process broken down into three simple steps: (1) your original awareness that you are in need of a specific product or service; (2) the consideration of which product or service is best for you; (3) your final decision on that specific product or service.

Similarly, possible volunteers and/or donors go through this process before they decide to begin their journey of getting involved with your cause.

Before their decision to sign-up to get involved, they have to first hear about your cause, feel inspired, and then make the decision to get involved.

Cause Marketing

Our Inbound Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits


It all starts with that moment when a person first hears about your nonprofit. We know that it would be a lot easier to stand at the top of a mountain with a megaphone and shout out all of the great work you and your team do each day, but unfortunately, that won’t work in today’s society. The best way to get your cause known is through Content Strategy. This is learning to strategically send out information about your cause through specific media vehicles that can introduce others to what you do on a larger platform and ultimately inspire them to join you.


Now that your nonprofit has been discovered, it is time to show the huge impact your cause has made and continues to make. This is done by retargeting those that have been to your website with impactful stories, scorecards, surveys, video and more.


By now, these people know what your cause is all about and they can see the huge impact it is making. They will most likely feel inspired by all the good work that is being done and would be more willing to get involved with your cause because they feel somewhat connected. This a great opportunity for a CTA (call-to-action). Now is the time to ask if THEY would like to get involved by volunteering, giving resources or becoming a donor, depending on the content they read, a survey they took, or video they watched.


Nonprofits know how important it is to retain donors and volunteers and we are sure you have a program or department for cultivating relationships. Having a digital campaign using marketing automation can be a huge help in keeping those donors and volunteers by making them feel valued.

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