Are you looking for ways to get online donations for your nonprofit?

If so, we certainly understand. In the digital age, online donations have become the lifeblood of nonprofits. 

As COVID-19 spread across the world in 2020, the ability to procure donations on the web has become the difference between survival and going under. The internet gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect with your audience virtually.

But how can you pivot your focus to online donations? What should you focus on?

Below, we’ll go into 5 simple ways you can secure donations from your supporters online.

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1. Hold Online Events

Donors like to feel like they are part of the story. That’s why good marketing is so important.

If they can see and hear from the people who are on the front lines fighting for the nonprofit’s goals, they’re more likely to be touched. This will make them more likely to give.

In the past, organizations would hold in-person fundraisers. There, key speakers and representatives of the organization mingled with the supporters. They shared stories and created human connections that prompted people to donate.

Now, in most areas of the world, making those connections comes with the risk of spreading a new virus. Many nonprofits have had to cancel their fundraisers.

Fortunately, you can hold virtual events for your donors. Invite speakers to give presentations at the event, and tell your nonprofit’s story, and once you’ve provided valuable storytelling to your audience with these events, you can then accept online donations.

2. Connect Via Social Media

Does your organization have a social media page?

If it doesn’t, it should.

People from across the globe all use social media daily, making it a pivotal marketing tool. By developing and maintaining your social media presence, you attract interest in your nonprofit and your cause.

This also builds visibility which could result in more donations.

3. Revamp Your Donation Page

Online, people prefer things to be quick and easy.

As a result, if your donation page is confusing or unclear, they won’t donate. They’ll simply click away.

Having a sloppy donation page also impacts how people perceive you. After all, if you had never met someone and only saw that their page was unprofessional, you would wonder if the organization prioritized professionalism.

And don’t forget about Legacy Payments, where we built out our payment acceptance division specifically to help nonprofits keep more of every dollar donated within their organization. We do this by offering better processing rates, as well as donating 25% of our profits from the processing of these donations, back to the nonprofit each month of our payments relationship.

4. Run an Email Campaign

Want to send personalized messages to your donors and get some donations in the meantime?

Run an email campaign. 

Emailing your donors makes them feel like they’re part of your story, and it can also encourage them to give to your organization. Include a “Give Now” button in your email with a link to your donation page to make it easy for them!

5. Check Out How You Look on Mobile Devices

If you’re just making sure you look good on your desktop, you might be making a critical error.

Data suggests about half of website views come from mobile accounts. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile, then you might lose potential donors. 

Want to Get More Online Donations?

Times are tight right now, and getting online donations has never been more important.

In the time of COVID-19, it’s also never been more critical for you to leave your positive impact on the world. That’s where we want to come alongside you.

If you need any help with managing your digital presence or online donations, contact us today! We can’t wait to help you grow! 

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