Worldwide, there are more than 10 million nonprofits and organizations. With so many nonprofits out there, it is no wonder that some of them need a boost to get more recognition. The best way to take your nonprofit to the next level is by implementing inbound marketing strategies.

Read on to learn about five inbound marketing strategies that nonprofits can try.

1. Creating Videos

One of the fastest-growing inbound marketing strategies is implementing video campaigns. Strong video campaigns for a nonprofit will make all the difference.

Videos are a permanent part of your brand. They can be used on your website and in various marketing initiatives. The power of video is unreal as they can provide a huge boost of people coming to your website.

As a nonprofit, videos should almost be second nature. Inbound marketing for nonprofits will be filled with emotion. Passion should be easy to display for nonprofits.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Another one of the best inbound marketing strategies for nonprofits is using PPC advertising. This will help bring traffic to your website by placing you on popular search engines.

Google Grants is a great example of inbound marketing services that are out there. This source can give your nonprofit the most exposure without having to spend a lot of money.

To use Google Grants, your nonprofit will have to be approved. As soon as the organization gets approved and your ads created, you can see the gain in traffic to your website within minutes.

3. Retargeting

Retargeting is a term used in marketing that refers to bringing back the visitors who left your site without donating. You want to retarget these people to keep them in the inbound marketing funnel. Direct them to where you want them to go to persuade them to donate.

You can use inbound marketing services like Facebook Exchange to target people via a third-party. Services like this will show users more information about your organization and link them to your website.

4. Email Marketing

One of the most well-known inbound marketing strategies is email marketing. You can learn how to create an inbound marketing strategy that works by targeting people first through email. This will give you a feel for the people interested in your organization.

This type of marketing is inexpensive, yet very beneficial. It can attract sponsors, donors, and people who truly care about the cause.

Using a valuable call to action can bring in a specific audience. Reach this audience all at once and provide them with all of the necessary information.

Inbound marketing for nonprofits involves having a website that uses backlinks. Backlinks will help you create the inbound marketing funnel you need to succeed.

A website with backlinks can improve the reach the site obtains. You can do this by adding social sharing icons to your pages.

Inbound Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement

You only want the best for your nonprofit. The easiest way to get the results you want is by implementing these inbound marketing strategies. Take your nonprofit to the next level and get it the recognition it deserves.

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