Executives believe that almost 50 percent of their revenue will soon be driven by digital marketing. It shows the power of digital marketing and how it’s working for businesses. However, although digital marketing is effective, your business still needs to have a strategy in place. It needs to have tactics in place. You need to look at examples that can drive leads to your business. It will help your business profit with social media advertising, PPC, SEO, or other forms of digital marketing. 

Here are five examples of digital marketing tactics that actually work in 2020.

1. Blogging

Blogging is a marketing tactic that can benefit your business. There are already over 600 million blogs

It shows how prevalent blogs are and how common they are for businesses. Blogs are used to educate audiences about an aspect of someone’s business. It’s also used to drive traffic to someone’s business with the proper SEO. 

2. SEO

As you create a blog, you want to make sure that it is search engine optimized, otherwise known as SEO. That means writing content with specific keywords. 

If your blog content is optimized, it will rank higher on Google. More people will find it on the first few pages rather than having to go all the way to page 10. 

It’s important to look at SEO strategies such as keyword competition and ranking, meta description, and more.  

3. Social Media

Nike’s marketing tactics are often promoted on social media. They show ads on social media that convey their brand. 

Posting or advertising on social media is another marketing tactic that can help you spread brand awareness. It can help you engage with your audience. 

You can post pictures or videos about your business that allows your audience to engage more with your business. 

If you’re unsure about how to much to spend on social media, here’s a blog post that can help. 

4. PPC

Pay per click is another marketing strategy that allows you to put your business in front of people. 

It’s when someone visits a website and sees your ad on it. If they click it, they will be directed to your website. 

PPC is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It’s also an effective way to expose your brand to a wider audience.

5. Ebooks

Lastly, eBooks are a great way to educate people about your business. 

An ebook can also be a lead magnet that helps you build your email list. An ebook is designed to show your authority in a specific niche.

Another benefit of ebooks is that they are accessible on any device. So anyone can download it and learn what you have to say about a specific topic. 

How These Marketing Tactics Examples Can Help Your Business

These examples offer some insight into what other businesses are doing and how you can adopt a similar model. It shows how you can separate yourself from other businesses by what you represent. 

In addition, these tactics can help you better connect with your target audience. You are also defining your business and your brand with these tactics. 

If you have questions about marketing tactics and how to help your business stand out, you can contact us here