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For Local Businesses and Nonprofits.

By combining our Digital Marketing experience with our Payment Solutions offerings, we have created an ecosystem that allows Nonprofits and Local Businesses a chance at better telling their story, increasing visibility and keeping more of every dollar earned, inside their organizations.

Legacy Consulting

We take pride in developing strong collaborative relationships with organizations looking to optimize their processes and develop incredible team culture.

Legacy Marketing

We don’t just focus on the Google Ad Grants program. Our team is highly versed in digital marketing, marketing automation, and sales enablement.

Legacy Payments

Our Payment Solutions division was built for the sole purpose of keeping more of every dollar earned with the organization it was intended to support.


10 Stars

“When the Lord led me and my wife to answer his call to step out of our local church and take on the challenges of a plant /501(c)(3) ministry startup I thought — no problem.

It wasn’t long before we realized the importance and need for a ministry website. Because we are part of the baby-boomer generation, website development, and internet marketing strategy, not to mention “branding” (what’s that?) was totally foreign to us.

That’s where The Legacy Theory came to our rescue. Craig and Aly are amazing. They’ve taken us step-by-step on this journey in cyberspace, lol. We consider them part of our team. We give them our highest endorsement. Call them today, don’t delay.”

Randy A. Rodgers, Pastor | Joy Camp Church International

FREE Google Ad Grant Guide Book

Imagine having an ad spend of up to $10,000 on Google each month. With Google Ad Grants, your organization has access to up to $10,000 per month to share your story! What might that mean for your organization?

We'll walk you through the steps required to set up your Google Ad Grants account so that you can start telling your story. The more frequently your ads appear next to Google search results, the more people will be aware of your cause. That can translate into more visibility, more donations, and more volunteers - the lifeblood of every Nonprofit.

Top Budgeting Strategies for Nonprofits

Creating a budget for your nonprofit will lead to greater financial success for your organization and help you meet your goals. This important document creates a financial overview of how you bring money in and how you spend it. Budgeting can be tricky, though, as many nonprofits don’t often have...

A Comprehensive Guide to Pay Per Click Marketing for Nonprofits

Nonprofits help the community through advocacy, volunteerism, giving, and much more, but without a steady stream of revenue and volunteers, it can be hard to make all that happen. The Legacy Theory is more than just a digital marketing company. We want to make the world a better place and helping...

5 Examples of Digital Marketing Tactics That Actually Work in 2020

Executives believe that almost 50 percent of their revenue will soon be driven by digital marketing. It shows the power of digital marketing and how it's working for businesses. However, although digital marketing is effective, your business still needs to have a strategy in place. It needs to...

Defining Content Marketing in Today’s Digital Landscape

Around 90% of the best content marketers believe in educating their audience rather than selling them something.  If the top content marketers believe that, then it's something your nonprofit should consider. In fact, content is the perfect way to warm up your audience instead of straight...

5 Tips for Creating a Great Nonprofit Website

Are you looking to create a website for your nonprofit, but aren't quite sure how to do it? If you want your nonprofit to succeed, you need to have an online presence. In fact, since the year 2016, online giving has increased by 17 percent.  But, it's not simply enough to have a nonprofit...

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